The J Litter

This litter....

Overall, the litter is incredibly good tempered and high energy. Excellent terrain courage and no sensitivity to loud noises or large unfamiliar items. All puppies have nice coats, long ear leather and great pigment. They tend to have very nice forechests and long pelvises. Some are a little long from stifle to hock, so they look quite stylish, and some have very nice shoulder layback, though some are more far forward than we would prefer. As should be expected from the diversity of the litter there is a wide range of type and size in the litter. That said, they all generally fit the breed standard, some more than others. Because working with genetic diversity has been our guiding light, we expect this variation. This variation is a very small price to pay for improved health in the breed. 

The Boys:


Blue boy, show potential, lovely head, angles and elegant movement. Refined with a perfect tail. Happy, friendly, cooperative. May be 23" as an adult.


Dark cream boy, show potential, gorgeous head, lovely neck, feet, angles, and pigment. Great chest, tail set and tail. Confident and curious. 


Active, willing and very people oriented, cream male. Very square, lots of drive, small and athletic. Performance candidate. May be a smaller adult.


Big cream male. Relaxed and gentle. Perfect family dog. Lovely expression, pigment and coat. Naturally curled tail.

The Girls:


Lots of leg and a lovely head on this happy black girl. Show potential. Perfect tail and lovely angles.


Small black girl, lovely head and her straight tail never stops wagging. May be 19 or 20" when adult.


Mellow black girl. Sweet and happy and refined, with a lovely head and coat. Curly tail. 


Pretty light cream girl with lovely angles and beautiful expression. Playful and smart. Natural retrieve. Will likely be 22" when mature.


Lovely light cream girl, with a beautiful coat, pigment and head. Show potential.