Fostering a dog

Fostering a dog

You may want to consider being a foster owner. We typically look for at least two foster families for each litter. In such a case, you have one of our breeding candidates live with you until they are bred or we decide not to breed them. After that, they are spayed or neutered and papers are signed over to you.

This is an awesome responsibility, especially considering that our goal is to preserve unusual lines of standard poodles and you are entrusted with the best choices from our litters. Foster owners become guardians of the breed and their good care and careful observations of their dogs are crucial contributions to retaining the health and vigour of the gene pool.

We do this so that our dogs have full lives with families to love and who love them, rather than living in a kennel environment. Retaining genetic diversity requires more breeding dogs bred less frequently, rather than one pick bitch bred several times.  It also gives us the opportunity to assess the quality of the dog over time, rather than making an all-important cut at a very young age. 

Females have seasons about twice a year, starting at about a year of age, which takes some management and care but they will be bred and spayed hopefully by age three. They can come back to de Grenier for breeding, or for those who are truly dedicated, foster families can raise a litter of puppies and keep one. All normal vet costs are the foster owners' responsibilities, and all costs associated with breeding are de Grenier's. 

Typically males stay intact longer than females, but they are easy to keep. They only remain breeding candidates as long as their behavior is stable and pleasant, and while most people assume intact males will be less well behaved, research does not bear this out, nor does our experience. This is especially true if they don't live with intact females.

Intact dogs are no more likely to have temperament problems than neutered or spayed dogs, but if for some reason neutering or spaying is necessary for temperament reasons, that dog should not be bred anyway.

Please fill out our Application if you would like to foster a de Grenier poodle.