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Available now

Our exciting new litter is by Edouard de Grenier and out of Felicia de Grenier, a combination of old, obscure lines, and we think they will likely be very pretty. They are black and dark cream, males and females. These puppies are the first cousins on both sides of our litter from last year, which produced smart, friendly, biddable dogs with very good conformation. 

This is our first time using the UC Davis Genetic Diversity Test to predict the diversity of a litter. Both parents are what we call "outliers," because they have, overall, an unusual set of alleles compared to the vast majority of Standard Poodles. This is because we have spent the last 12 years carefully researching, selecting and preserving obscure lines of quality dogs.  You can tell they are both unusual dogs by the number of rare and common alleles. The measure of heterozygosity called "internal relatedness" or IR, which has been correlated with fitness, or good health, in many species, is low. The DLA haplotypes, which determine the health of the immune system will be heterozygous, or non-matching, in all puppies, which is preferable.

Some other methods of assessment are estimates based on pedigree analysis:

COI 10 = 2.3%[10 generations, 865 unique ancestors, 98.3% complete pedigree]
COI 15 = 4.7%[15 generations, 4006 unique ancestors, 84.9% complete pedigree]
Wycliffe = 21.16%
Old English Apricot (OEA) = 16.37%
Mid-Century Bottleneck (MCB) = 27.73C%

These are notable because most standard poodles today owe more than 50% of their genetics to the 10 dogs born from 1948 - 1950 which comprise the Mid-Century Bottleneck in the breed.

Most of our puppies are family pets. If you are a reputable purebred breeder with references, we will occasionally sell breeding quality puppies on full registration after careful consideration and on a contract. If you are new to breeding, please consider being a guardian home to start out, as there is a great deal to learn to become a positive part of preserving our beautiful breed.  Do please email us at poodlesdg@gmail.com. 

Please fill out our Application to be considered for one of our puppies. We ask for a nonrefundable deposit to be placed on our waiting list.